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Welcome to the Dixie Softball Franchise registration

What You Need to Franchise Your League:
  • IF YOU HAVE FRANCHISED ONLINE IN THE PAST, locate your 8-digit Franchise number (available INSIDE the system)
  • Liability Insurance Policy Number and Accident Insurance Policy Number
  • Payment via credit/debit card or mail in a check
  • Team Name(s) - If teams names are available you may enter teams names during franchising. If team names are not available, enter a generic team name. Team names can be edited at a later time. (Click here for instructions on how to edit your team names)

If Your League Franchised ONLINE IN THE PAST:
3 ways to obtain your 8-digit Franchise number:
  1. Login to the system at using your system credentials (follow prompts to reset password if needed)
  2. Call Customer Support at 833-683-1072
  3. Contact your State Director, District Director, or Dixie Softball, Inc. for support
Select ‘Franchise Returning League’ at the bottom of this page, enter your 8-digit franchise number, and click ‘Search’ for the system to locate your league. Unsure if your league exists in the system? Please call Customer Support before you begin the registration process.

If Your League HAS NOT Franchised Online in the past:
Please note that you will need your league’s District number to franchise online. If you are unsure what district number your League belongs to, please contact your State Director.

Select ‘Franchise New League’ below, enter your league information, and click ‘Save & Continue’. NOTE: Your system generated Dixie Softball Franchise number will display at the top of each page in the registration process. If you need to exit prior to completing the registration, please take note of your franchise number before exiting. Upon returning to complete your registration, you must select ‘Franchise Returning League’, enter your franchise number, and click ‘Search’ to avoid creating a duplicate record. Your original application will be located and you may resume the registration. Please call Customer Support to obtain your franchise number if you did not take note of it prior to exiting. If you select ‘New League’, the system will create a duplicate entry.

To Add Teams to an Existing Current Season Online Franchise Registration:
If your League has already submitted a Franchise registration for the current season, please do NOT start a brand new registration to add additional teams. Instead, select ‘Add Additional Teams’ at the bottom of this page, enter your franchise number, and click ‘Search’. This will locate your league registration in the system and allow you to franchise additional teams.

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